Monday, June 6, 2011     17:19
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My Recipebook Professional 4.5

Created by (, My Recipebook it's an agile recipe manager.

From this application you can keep in order your recipes, entering manually, or downloading recipes from our website using you Internet connection. You can download recipes with a single click. Including recipes on our Facebook page.

My Recipebook includes a complete dictionary of culinary terms, upgradeable via Internet with a single click. Also has a list of culinary tricks.

From My Recipebook can print your recipes or export them to HTM format, TIF, JPG, BMP and even in the MRP format.

My Recipebook lets you create normal recipes, recipes step by step. You can include photos or video. Local videos or links to videos on YouTube.

Below see more information of the main options.

Option View sample on View sample on flash video
Update recipes from View View
Quick Access Bar View View
Recipe Search View View
Category Manager View View
Setup View View
Fallow us on and Download more recipes View View
Glossary of ingredients and culinary terms View View
Update culinary glossary View View
Group Manager View View
Import MRP recipes View View
Import recipes from My Recipebook 4.0 or previous version View View
Recipe Manager View View
Register My Recipebook View View
Data Reorganization View View
Data Backup View View
Restore Backups View View
Cooking Methods and culinary techniques View View
Update Culinary Techniques View View
Units Manager View View
Recipe Web Browser View View